Highlights of Laos

Experience Tak Bat (Giving Alms) in Luang Prabang

Set on the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, Luang Prabang is one of the most charming cities in Southeast Asia. Along the peaceful streets in the early morning, locals sit on the side of the road to give alms to Buddhist monks and novices. This peaceful ceremony is conducted in silence where Buddhists gain spiritual merit by the act of giving.

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Stay in a treehouse high above the forest

The Gibbon Experience is a childhood dream come true. Spend the day trekking through the jungle and whizzing through the trees on ziplines. In the evening enjoy the sunset over the jungle from a rustic treehouse, 30 -40 meters above the ground. Awake in the early morning to the sound of Black Crested Gibbons singing their distinctive siren-like songs from the treetops.

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Marvel at the stunning Kuang Si waterfall

This spectacular three tiered waterfall boasts turquoise blue waters which billow from jungle clad limestone. The water flows into crystal clear pools which are perfect for swimming.

The best time to visit Kuang Si is around November to April once the monsoon is over. If you visit during the monsoon which lasts from about May to October the water is a fast flowing tends to be brown. I visited in September when the water was just starting to turn blue.

Experience the wonder of the festival of the lights

Lhai Heua Fai (festival of the lights) celebrates the end of Boun Awk Phansa (Buddhist Lent). It feels like Easter, Christmas and new year all rolled into one. Temples, shops and homes are decorated with brightly coloured paper lanterns in a variety of shapes from stars and flowers to planes and football team logos. On the last day of the festival the twinkling lights of hundreds of krathongs (small banana leaf boats) bob down the river.

The event takes place around October and lasts three days but preparations start weeks in advance.

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