The Temples of Angkor, Cambodia 

The Angkor complex is vast, stretching some 400 km2. In a day you can see the well known sites but you could spend days here.


Angkor Wat
Built in the 12th century in traditional Khmer style with thousands of stone carvings and beautiful lotus-like towers that stand 65 metres tall; Angkor Wat is the most recognised and well preserved of all the temples. It’s a symbol of national pride – so important to Cambodia it features on the flag and currency. The most sought after photograph is at sunrise, when the morning colours dance on the water in fount of the temple.

Angkor Thom & Bayon
Angkor Thom is the last capital of the Khmer empire. At over 10 sq km its an enormous site surrounded by a formidable stone wall, protecting many elaborate temples. The most famous and visited is Bayon, which feels like a labyrinth. 54 towers decorated with massive stone faces of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.

Ta Prohm
Incredibly atmospheric. Made famous by Tomb Raider, the temple is most recognised by the tree roots twisting through the crumbling walls. The site is surrounded by dense jungle and was hidden for many years before it was discovered. It still has the feeling of discovery as you walk around the site. Check out the many carvings on the old stone walls, including what looks like a dinosaur.


It’s so easy to arrange a guided tour from Siem Reap and definitely worth it if you’re interested in the history. The guides explain the carvings giving you a better understanding of the significance of each temple. Alternatively you can hire a Tuktuk for the day and explore by yourself. Tickets are required to visit the temples. You can by 1 day, 3 day or 7 day passes. Keep your ticket safe as staff will randomly check it at different sites.

Visited December 2016

Little Amy Tours @littleamytours

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