Koh Mook, Trang Islands, Thailand

Rustic and beautiful, Koh Mook has quiet sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets.


Thames Morakot (Emerald Cave)
Koh Mook, also spelt Koh Muk, attracts a lot of day trippers from Koh Lanta visiting the famous Thames Morakot (Emerald Cave). I went in the afternoon as part of a trip to Koh Kradan and there were still heaps of people. You’ll jump of your boat and swim into the cave. The light in the cave kinda has an emerald glow (hence the name) at the start but then it turns pitch black. After about 10 minutes swimming you’ll emerge into the sunlight to a beach surrounded by cliffs.

If you wonder along the beach and round the corner you’ll walk through a small Thai community. All the houses are on stilts over the water and the locals smile as you walk through. Past this are more small bungalow resorts which you can pop into to eat. I loved the Coco Bar. It looks like it’s just been thrown together with random bits of wood, then someone found a blender and made it into a bar. Keep going and there are a few shops and along the beach is one of the high end resorts that’s got an excellent beach!


All accommodation budgets are found on Koh Mook. Backpackers can choose from hostels and reasonably priced resorts, which don’t exist on Koh Ngai or Koh Kradan.

Koh Mook Garden Resort
Rustic and charming. The restaurant has beautiful views over the ocean and across to the mainland and serves really good cheap food. You just need to walk down the steps to get to the beach which is only shared with one other resort so it was really quiet.

I stayed in a bamboo bungalow which was incredibly basic. We’re talking manual flush toilet, a space on the wall where there once was a sink, a shower that had its issues and only one power socket in the room which you needed to use the fan, so you couldn’t charge anything. To be fair, the bed was alright and it was so quiet. I just treated it as a little adventure and ended up really enjoying it. You can upgrade to a Comfort Bungalow which has aircon.

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Visited February 2017

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