Koh Lipe, Thai Islands 

White powder sands with crystal clear waters. The ideal postcard. Lipe is so picturesque she’s known as the Maldives of Thailand, but she could be starting to lose that ‘no news, no shoes vibe’. With more and more development she is starting to look like Phi Phi but at the moment there aren’t all night beach parties.


Lipe is a tiny island in the far south of Thailand. So far south it’s almost Malaysia. The main accommodation options and restaurants are all based around Walking Street which leads of the main beach.


This is an island people come to relax. If you’re looking for lots of water sports head south to Langkawi or north to Phuket.

Beach hopping
Lipe is small so it’s easy to walk around and visit all the beaches. Hat Pattaya is the main beach area with beach bars. Hat Sunrise is easily accessable on the otherend of Walking Street. Hat Sunset has golden sand and feels more rugged than the other beaches.

Massage and pampering
There is an abundance of options on Walking Street so you can really feel like you’re on holiday.

Snorkelling and diving trips
There are other tiny islands around Lipe such as Koh Adang and Koh Rawi, which are perfect for underwater adventures. You can snorkel off the beach however, this is becoming increasingly more dangerous with the amount of boats around.


Walking Street is filled with shops (including 711), restaurants, cafés and bars. In the evening the street is packed with a proper buzz. Bloom Bar has a great selection of healthy salads and smoothies.

Each beach has a selection of bars and restaurants with gorgeous views. For something a bit more upmarket there are a few posh resorts.

There isn’t any of the crazy nightlife you’ll find on some of the islands further north. Lipe’s nightlife is more have a few cocktails and chat, rather than let’s get wasted. This could all change over the next few years… Pattaya Beach is now home to the extremely modern looking Art Beach Club, proudly promoting happy hours and pool parties.

Be aware that this is one of the most expensive islands in Thailand. Expect to pay almost four times what you would pay on the mainland.


More and more accommodation options are popping up each year so there is plenty of choice. The island is so small that everything is easily accessible. Most of the accommodation is on Hat Pattaya, the main beach area with beach bars.

I stayed at A Plus Hotel is just off Walking Street and a short walk to sunrise beach. The beds are capsule style giving you privacy with big lockers to fit your bags. The common area was great for meeting people, only issue was it closes at 10pm.


By Boat from Malaysia
It only takes about 1.5 hours by ferry to get to Langkawi island. The immigration process is a little odd on Lipe. You’ll have to check in for your ferry and then go back again to get your passport stamped in a tiny building on the beach. Where you go depends on the time of year you travel and which company you booked with.

Travel within Thailand
Lipe is accessible from Phuket, Koh Lanta and the Trang Islands. It just takes a really long time!

Visited March 2017

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